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First Day of School

My heart is heavy today as I write this post. This week was the first day of school for most communities around us. You see pictures on Facebook, Instagram and other social media of everyones kids in their new outfits, new backpacks and the smiles on their faces. Some parents are sad because their babies have started kindergarden, some are sad because their children are seniors this year and some are sad that their children have started college. These are all great moments and memories for families. Moments that should be cherished..but do we really take the time to think about what a blessing it is that our children can go to school? I dont want to get into politics but children can go to school for free here in the US, they can receive free lunches, and take a free bus to and from school. Yes, some pay school taxes that covers a percentage but if you are poor in the US, your children can still get an education. Children are learning how to read, learning how to write and even learning another language.

A large percentage of the children in Haiti do not have this priviledge. Many do not attend school because their parents cannot afford it.

We want to help Pastor Accilien start two schools in both of his church communities. He loves the children there and wants to help them. What a blessing that would be for those children. Please join me in prayer about this ministry and pray about what you can do to help. Have a good fundraising idea? Share it with us…


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